Jack-Steel Oy

Sawline equipment

From the start, we have been taking care of the machine design ourselves and making sure it is innovative. As a result of our long experience and product development, we can provide our customers with reliable, high-performance products. Our design work takes into consideration good usability and easy serviceability of the equipment.

Projects are planned well and delivered on time. As a rule, our equipment is already electrified and tested at our workshop which allows the customer to minimize production interruptions.

Recent attention has been focused on the development of particularly precise and efficient log turning and guiding equipment as well as cant guiding equipment. For example, log turner LT 600 is the most accurate and an extremely productive piece of hardware on the market and it has been sold both domestically and exported to Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Latvia.

Log turner LT 600

Log guiding bench LC 600

Log guiding bench LHC 600

Log measuring conveyor MC 600

Cant centering device CF 600

Cant turner CT 600

Cant roller unit

Board saw feeder

Cant side moving equipment

Cant measuring conveyors

Cant end aligning rollers

  • Cant feeders
  • Log conveyors
  • Log junction stations
  • Log end aligning rollers
  • Log haulers
  • Feeders
  • Log storage tables